Boiler Repair

We understand not having a boiler is an inconvenience, and needing the work completed quickly, and in the most cost effective manner is always going to be required. Our extensive knowledge of boilers, and methods to repair make us the perfect business to help you.

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Tell tale signs you need your boiler repaired

Knowing if your boiler needs fixing can sometimes be a guessing game, however we also know people know their homes better than anyone. And if something is wrong then usually it is. But to be sure, here are some of things to look out for:

Strange Sounds

Everyone knows the sounds of their own boiler, and if you find that sound changes then definitely let us know. Clunking, whirring or banging are the key sounds to listen out for.


Smelling gas should be an instant sign and calling us immediately is a must.


If you notice water leaking from the pipes, the boiler or even out the outside overflow this may be signs of a fault as well. Ensure to call us if you notice any signs appearing.

Higher Heating Bill

If you notice that your bill is increasing but your overall usage isn't then this could highlight an issue. Older boilers are less efficient, but a regular increase in your bill is not correct.

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Our Process

If you feel like your boiler needs repairing then get in contact. At this first point we will ask some questions about the issues you are having to get a better understanding. From here we can book a time to come and see you to assist. Whilst at your home we will fully investigate the issues, and come up with a solution. We can then speak about repairing the issues and what we may need to do.

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Boiler Repair for Commercial Clients

Boiler repair for commercial clients can be the difference between a business still being able to operate or not especially during the winter months. We have a number of years of conducting boiler repairs for commercial clients across the local area.

If you feel that your boiler is in need of repair then please do get in contact. One of our trained team members will be able to come out to your site, survey the issues and put together a plan of action on how they can help tackle it.

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