New Boiler Installation Aberdeenshire

Having a new boiler installed tends to be a decision which homeowners or business owners need to do at very short notice. If this is the case, then you need to know the company you are going to use is trustworthy and also experienced. At The Scottish Boiler Company we specialise in new boiler installation in Aberdeenshire. All of our team are trained to the highest levels of industry standards. All with a vast amount of knowledge. Therefore, if you are looking for a new boiler, we can help you.

Why Would I Need A New Boiler?

There are a variety of reasons to why you would need a new boiler installed within your home. Most common will be a fault with the actual system, or potentially costly repairs which outweigh the cost of having a new system installed. Most will have a tell-tale sign that you need it inspected. This could be a change in noise when it heats up, a knocking sound in the radiators or even it not being as efficient.

Whatever the reason our team is on hand to help. Therefore, if you need assistance in having a new boiler installed within the Aberdeenshire area then one of our experienced team can inspect the issues.

How Can I Pay For It

At The Scottish Boiler Company we understand that paying for new boiler installation in Aberdeenshire is major consideration. A boiler is not a cheap investment, and when done correctly can see your house through many years. For this reason, we have developed a financing solution.

On completing an initial job survey within your home one of the team will be able to talk you through our various financing options. These financing options are utilised by many of our customers to give you the peace of mind that you can have the work carried out that you need.

Types Of Boilers

When having a boiler installed there are many factors which you need to consider. However, one of the main factors is what type of boiler you are going to have installed. Your decision will mostly be made for you due to house size, location and potential budget, however our team can give you their expert advice when the time arises. The three main boilers we install are as follows:

  • Gas Boilers

Gas Boilers are definitely the most popular boilers installed in Aberdeenshire. This is mainly due to the way in which houses are constructed and are already fitted with this type of boiler. From a logistics perspective having a like for like boiler installed is far easier, and also quicker for heating engineers to complete.

  •  Oil Boilers

Oil Boilers are one of the less conventional options homeowners choose. An Oil Boiler is a great and efficient heating method if your home is not connected to the gas network. It allows access for homeowners to an efficient energy source.

  • LPG Boilers

LPG Boilers are becoming a more popular option for homeowners across the UK and we have also seen that locally. Our team is specifically trained to fit an LPG Boiler. LPG stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas. This uses a combination of two gaseous hydrocarbons to heat your home.

Other Things To Consider

Before selecting which boiler types, you are considering having installed you also need to assess the practicality of your new boiler. Our heating experts are able to offer you all the advice you need, however it is also good to do your own research. Some of the things to consider are as follows:

  • Size and Storage

Boilers are becoming smaller due to everyone wanting space saving equipment. Always be aware of the size of space you may need for your new boiler. If you have a like for like replacement in the same place, then you will be fine. It’s if you want to change the location this may become complex. However, our team is experienced to deal with every scenario.

  • Efficiency

Having an efficient boiler will save you money, it’s a fact. However, knowing which boilers are most efficient, and also most efficient for your home will be very important to your decision. Choose one that is going to suit your home layout, and use.

  • Cost

As mentioned above we understand that the cost is a major consideration to most of our clients. If our finance option does not eliminate this issue, then you need to consider the type of boiler and its financial cost. No just too install but also in the long run. Each boiler will be 100% efficient when installed. However some may be better than others depending on your home and situation.

  • Installation Times

We understand that our customers do not want us in their homes for weeks and weeks on end. The average boiler installation takes between one to five days. And our aim is to make sure we get your heating system back in the palace as soon as possible. If you are having a like for like replacement this will naturally take a lesser amount of time.

To Conclude

New boiler installation in Aberdeenshire is our specialty. With us working with a large number of customers in the local area. Our team of heating experts are able to advise on what systems will be best for your home, and ultimately the most efficient. We also ensure our team is trained to the highest industry levels. As well as offering a professional service at all times.