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At The Scottish Boiler Company we understand having a wide variety of other services and products helps us to cater to a number of customers. As the team is trained to the highest industry standards, we are also able to offer the following heating solutions to your home. Once we have surveyed your home we can advise what is going to be the most efficient, as well as cost effective.

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BioMass heating systems burn wood pellets, chips and logs in order to provide heat to a room in the home or to power a central heating system. There are two types which are commonly found in homes across the UK and they are Stoves Burners and Boiler Burners.

A Stove burner focuses on burning logs or pellets to heat a single room in the home. A Boiler Burner uses logs, pellets and chips to run a central heating and hot water system. On average a biomass boiler can help to save up to £960 a year on your heating bill.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are external units which are installed on the outside of a building. They absorb heat from the outside and release it into the home as hot air, underfloor heating or even domestic hot water supply. The same system can also be used in the summer as a way to cool the home as well.

Having an air source heat pump installed does also benefit the environment as it produces a lower carbon footprint due to its renewable energy source. Also, they are relatively low maintenance, and as they are installed outside they are easily maintainable by heating experts.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Another one of our other services is fitting a ground source heat pump. A ground source heat pump uses pipes that are installed underground to extract heat from the ground. This heat is then used to heat radiators, underfloor heating or even heating systems. The pipes installed in the ground are absorbed by the fluid in the pipes, then passed onto a heat exchanger into the heat pump.

Ground source heat pumps are also a great way to lower your homes carbon footprint, as the energy is renewable all year round. Once installed they are relatively low maintenance, and provide a lower temperature of heat over a longer period of time. This creates a better efficiency rate.

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Solar Panels

One of our main other services are Solar Panels. Solar Panels popularity went up a few years back, and this is still happening today. Solar Panels utilise the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity you can use in your home. You are therefore creating your own renewable energy source.

Solar panels do come with a host of benefits, and the main one being that it cuts your electricity bill. As the sun is free, once you have paid for the installation then your bills will decrease. Secondly is the reduction in carbon footprint. It’s estimated having solar panels can save around 1.3-1.6 tonnes of carbon per year depending on where you live.

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